Dear Friends,

Thank you for visiting Dennis Chiu for El Camino Healthcare District. It has been an honor and privilege to serve as one of your elected representatives since 2012.


In November 2012, voters from the cities of Mountain View, Sunnyvale, Los Altos, Los Altos Hills and portions of Palo Alto, Santa Clara, and Cupertino elected me to ensure that more tax dollars went to more nonprofit healthcare organizations, and I am proud to report that I have done just that.

For every fiscal year in office, since I was elected, I have passionately argued and successfully passed increases in grants from the El Camino Healthcare District to our community to improve the health of seniors, adults, families and children in our area.


When I was first elected, there was a war between the hospital and labor. Now, the hospital and labor are working more closely together. For example, the hospital and labor have partnered in supporting AB 366, which increases Medi-Cal funding by 10% over three years. If passed, AB 366 will help our hospital lose less money for providing healthcare to our most vulnerable members of society. There will always be issues that require vigorous discussion and debate, but I pledge to continue to be a stabilizing influence on both sides.


As Chair of the El Camino Hospital Finance Committee, I have worked with the Chief Financial Officer and CEO to approve capital projects, medical equipment, surgical robots and other important technology to keep El Camino Hospital on the cutting edge. In fact, El Camino Hospital was named “Most Technologically Advanced Hospital” by Top Masters in Healthcare Administration in 2014.

Additionally, El Camino Hospital has been ranked by U.S. News and World Reports as one of the top hospitals in the San Jose metropolitan area.

I look forward to serving you, and working to ensure the future of El Camino Hospital for decades to come.

Dennis Chiu